Global ACME IT Solutions

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Global ACME IT Solutions has variety of software products that will covers many of market needs and demands. We are proud to announce that all our products are fully customized depending on the nature of our clients business needs. Below are some products:

ACME Medical Center Management Systems: One core solution integrates all operations from Clinic Management to Accounting. ACME Clinic Management Software is an integrated package for the management of the Clinic. It provides Real time business intelligence and workflow technology to improve the speed and effectiveness of business operations.

ACME Medical LAB System: The aim of Acme Medical Lab system is to automate the tasks involved in maintaining the tasks of medical Labs.Also, enables the Lab Management to maximize your profits from the investments and operations of the Lab. In addition to facilitate the management of income and expense, by the solid and meaningful data derived from Acme Software.

ACME HR: ACME HR is fully customized and developed based on Kuwait by laws. It contains all the official forms for immigration, Ministry of Labour and others.

ACME P.O.S. (Point of Sale): ACME P.O.S (point of Sale) is easy yet efficient where you sales done manually or using a bar-code reader. It is fully customized based on clients' needs.

For all ACME products such as: ACME Cargo System, ACME Hotel Management, ACME ERP, ACME Accounting System, ACME Inventory System, ACME Store System, Kindly contact us.